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Foundation of Integrity and Peace

The Foundation of Integrity and Peace (FIP) was founded in 1997.  Our goal was and is to create a safe place where people can heal.  We work to create a space where people can sit with, breathe into and move through emotions and ways of thinking that are no longer serving their highest good.

FIP Philosophy:

Our work is based on the belief that “what you can feel, you can heal”.  We believe that anyone who is willing to do “the work” can recover those parts of themselves that have been lost or misplaced.  We believe that individuals have the power and skills needed to recover.  They simply need guidance, encouragement, support and coaching.  Most importantly, we are honored and humbled that you are allowing us to be a witness to your pain and your healing.  

Our Commitment:

We will not ask you to do work that we have not been willing to do ourselves.  Although our stories and our trauma’s may be different, our commitment to do our work is not. 

We will be here through the long run as you are understanding your story and gaining incite into how it has affected your ability to live a joy filled life today.  

Individual Therapy

We specialize in helping individuals gain an understanding of and learn how to work through anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and other mental health issues. Many of our clients have problems with chemical dependency and alcoholism. They often have stopped drinking or using but cannot “stay stopped”. We assist clients in identifying and breaking down the barriers that have prevented them from maintaining long term recovery. 

Couples Therapy

Part of recovering from the impact of mental health, substance abuse issues, being a trauma survivor and/or getting into recovery from all types of addiction, is learning how to do relationships differently. In couples therapy, we work with you and your partner to identify any unconscious/unhealthy contracts. Together you will learn how to identify behaviors and reactions you learned from past relationships that are destroying your current relationship. We will focus on creating healthy agreements that allow both partners to grow and heal into a stronger, open relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an integral component of the therapy process. We will look at how your family system works to either support or disrupt your recovery. We follow a social work model that believes it’s important to understand the family as a live, living unit. We will work on creating a dynamic and open system that supports all members in healing and living free. 


At this time, the majority of our work is being done through teletherapy. Our commitment is to be available for anyone or any family that is in need whether they are down the street or living in rural Alaska. We use online video chat on a secure server to protect your privacy. 

Denny Tranel, PsyD, MSW, LCSW

Denny is the founder of Foundation of Integrity and Peace. He has over 35 years of experience helping people wanting to address underlying mental health issues, face past trauma, address their addiction and ultimately heal into a different way of life. He uses an eclectic set of tools to guide people through their pain as they work together to develop healthy communication and living strategies. He is a dynamic facilitator who is committed to the healing process both in his own life and in his client’s lives. Denny combines years of mental health and substance abuse education with traditional healing modalities in order to create a safe and sacred space where people can make changes in their lives.

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