“In my many years searching for a therapist, I only found therapists that did ‘canned’ sessions.  I could do their jobs!  FIP was different.  They had been there!  With love, understanding, and a healthy dose of “this work is hard”, FIP saved my life.  I am forever grateful. Peace is a beautiful thing."  

- Sherri

“Denny is an AMAZING therapist.  He helped my family and I through a horrible custody battle and the trauma it ensued.  I’ve never found another therapist who can compare.”  

- T.J.

“When I met Denny Tranel, my life was destructive, abusive and on the path to ending through my depression.  To sit with him, session after session and feel seen, cared for and heard, made me feel like I mattered in a time and environment where that was not the case.  He gave me the tasks needed to take charge of my life in a positive way.  With individual counseling,  interview and practices, I was allowed to work through the issues and blocks I was facing.  He encouraged me, challenged me and helped me see the greatness inmate.  I left his office and went out into the world and thrived.  I am the person I am today because of the work I did with Denny.  Through the years of being in the field of psychology and other healing modalities, I have never come across anything even similar to what I was lucky enough to be part of with Denny Tranel.  Every day I wake up and feel the gratitude for my life and well being, I think about Denny and I hear his words. ‘Breathe into your belly, you’ve got this. Beyond grateful”.

- Michelle

"I can honestly say that the work that I have done with Denny, not only saved my life but has allowed me to be able to enjoy all that it has to offer and provided me with the tools to navigate through my journey. I came to Denny at my last straw, his therapy and guidance helped me process through the trauma of my past and learn to love who I am. To be patient and kind with myself, stay in my truth and integrity, and foster healthy relationships that I never could have dreamed. I will forever be grateful for the work that we did together…there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use the lessons I learned to live a happy life"

- Luke.

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